29 August 2014

Pickups 11: Famicom Cartridges 11 (29.08.2014)

Got a few more cartridges for Famicom. Here there are the pictures of them, and a brief info about each of them. ;)
As you can see, besides a few cartridges, I also got a few labels, which I will write about down below. :)

Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle
It's a regular Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle for NES. It even has the copyrights and the title left unchanged. No idea, why they used Birthday Blowout label for this one... Haven't tested if it works on Famicom, I've only tested it on my crappy Famulator Famiclone, where it worked fine with no problem.
It works fine with no problem. I played through a few stages, and nothing went wrong during the gameplay progress.

Ok, this is a regular Castlevania, as it was on NES, but this cartridge itself is kind of interesting for a few things:
1) First of all, that label for Castlevania... Originally there was Jackir's Dragon 5 label on it, but thankfully, the seller also sold me the Castlevania label, so I could actually stick it on, so it wouldn't look messed up.
I ripped out the label of Jackir's Dragon 5. It looked like this (sorry for bad lightning):
Yeah... That label, as far as I know, was used for Spartan X2 Famicom game on pirate carts, but it doesn't match up with Castlevania at all... As I mentioned earlier, the original pirate label for Castlevania was actually included earlier, so that's quite cool.
2) There is an interesting Dendy sticker on the back, that looks similar to the ones, used on Steepler Ltd. carts. But that one is actually white, and the Dendy stickers used on those cartridges by Steepler Ltd. were yellow.

Also, the font for "Dendy" word is a bit different. But other than that, I kind of like that label on the back, and it was a nice little surprise. And, the seller actually included another such label, which I later sticked on another catrtridge I got from him. And, quite interestingly, that seller said that he has more of these "Dendy" labels, so if I want, I may actually get more of them, if I buy more cartridges from him. :)

Well, here's the photo from my mini DVD player about the title screen from this copy of Castlevania.
Yes, it even got the copyright stuff at the beginning of the game, along with Konami logo and stuff.
This game is not really that common find on pirate carts, so I am actually glad to have it on a singlecart like this. Afterall, this is one of my favourite NES games, which, even though I have never played in my childhood on a console, I played a lot on emulator, and practised enough to be able to beat it without much of the problem. ;)
This game is also known as "Devil Town" on pirate carts, but to my knowledge, all the copyright stuff is removed from the game there.

Doki! Doki! Yuuenchi
Yes, it's actually Doki! Doki! Yuuenchi for Famicom. I have no idea, why it's called Disneyland Adventures here, let alone why they used the label that they usually use for Adventures in the Magic Kingdom for NES. But I don't think I am going to actually replace this label with the original label, as I don't think that this label is as terrible as the one pirates use for newer pirate carts, like GameCard or NewGame or whatever...
I decided to put that "Dendy" sticker I got separately on the back of this cartridge. :)
Here's how it looks like when you play it on a console.
The copyrights are even left in the actual game, but the bottom of the screen seems to be glitchy, I don't know why...

Nigel Mansell's World Championship Challenge Racing
Exactly the same game as you would expect on NES, but in a form on pirate cart. ;)
I got it for my friend, SuperBrain1997, who is interested in Famiclone stuff, and those TV GAME CARTRIDGES. His YouTube channel is here: http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperBrain1997
Well, that's about it for the stuff I recently got in my collection. Thanks for reading!
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