21 July 2014

Pickups 9: Famicom Cartridges 9 (03.07.2014)

I got these bad boys on July 03, 2014.
The cartridges on the second photo are for my friend, but I talk about them noneless. ;)
So, starting from the first picture, I got:
  • 4-in-1 Contra, Top Gun, Thunder Cade, Ghostly Village
I already had this one, but sold it to one guy, and actually still wanted to have this multicart in my collection, so I bought this one with T2 label on it.
Ghostly Village is just Makaimura, known as Ghosts'n'Goblins in the West. All they did here is changed the title screen to "Ghostly Village" with the plain text.
  • Adventure Island 2 (JPN)
I don't think that I need to introduce you what this game is. I decided to get it with a proper label, taken straight from North American boxart, which looks pretty good imo.
  • Conic Prince
Actually it's Bananan Ouji no Daibouken, aka. Banana Prince. This cartridge doesn't work on a real Famicom sadly, but at least it works well on my Famiclones. I think that you all know what Banana Prince is, so there's no need to comment about it.
  • Contra
The label for this one is taken from the Famicom version of the game, although here it's just the North American version of the game. The same awesome "Run-and-gun" game, that we all love, and we all have played back in NES/Famicom days, and still play nowadays. ;)
  • Darkwing Duck
The same game as it was on NES. ;)
Got this one for myself. It's in pretty good condition, and works well on everything I tried to run this cartridge on.
  • Ninja Cat
Otherwise known as Kyatto Ninden Teyandee. My new bootleg copy of this game has problems with displaying properly on any of my Famiclones, except for Famulator and GameStar. This one, however, works with no problems. Basically, this game is just based of the anime Kyatto Ninden Teyandee, and it's a very good and simple game, that you probably won't have problems with playing through. ;)
  • Power Blade
The same game as it was on NES, although my copy doesn't seem to work on my Famicom for some crazy reason, just like the next cartridge.
  • Power Blade 2
The rare game on official NES cartridge, which, just like the first game I got on a pirate cart, doesn't work on Famicom. O_o
  • Soccer
A regular Soccer game from Nintendo. Although, this cartridge is from Steepler Ltd. and it has the Dendy sticker label on the back, which I'll show a bit later.
You can see the random gameplay video of it here:

  • Tetris (Tengen)
Yes, two copies of Tengen Tetris, and both of them have 1992 PYRAMID GAME CARD copyright screen. I got the second one for my friend. The gameplay of this version can be seen here:

Now here is the much better look at two Tetris cartridges, along with Soccer cartridge.

Yes, they indeed have this "Dendy" sticker on the back. There are quite a few collectors of such cartridges in Russia, and these bootleg carts would most likely cost over like 29 USD or something, which is really too much, and for such money, you would probably be able to buy the real Famicom cartridge complete in box, rather than spend it on these pirate carts. I got these ones for a bit less than 4 USD, which is really cool and exciting.

And here there are some Tetris cartridges I have in single cartridge format. All of them are Steepler Ltd. carts btw ;)

And here there are the games from the second picture:
  • Mickey Mouse (LD29)
A regular Japanese version of Mickey Mousecapade, but without copyrights.
  • Jurassic Park
A regular Jurassic Park game for NES, but without copyrights.
  • Taito Chase HQ
Some sort of racing game.
  • "over-9-million-'games'-in-1"
The multicart with Unchained Melody in it. It has Duck Hunt, Wild Gunman, Tank 1990, Dr. Mario, Super Mario Bros.
  • Mickey's Safari in Letterland
Some Mickey Mouse game where you have to collect letters to spell the word at the end of the stage
  • Tiny Toon Adventures
Just a regular Tiny Toon Adventures for NES, despite the fact that the label says Tiny Toon 2.
  • Felix the Cat
Just a regular Felix the Cat game for NES, one of the most loved games in my country, and for a good reason. It's a pretty good and simple platformer, developed by Shimada Kikaku, who also developed Kero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken 2 game for Famicom, although this game was released only on NES, but in Eastern Europe, South America and some Asian countries, there's a chance that you could pick up both of these games. ;)
  • Frankenstein: The monster Returns 
There's a bit of a sad story about this one. It's the Bandai's 1990 game, Frankenstein, that's ruined by a few facts. First off, the "N" letter is missing in graphic data banks. Secondly, the game crashes on level 2, when trying to get off the island to progress further. The game is not that great to begin with, but the pirates maganed to screw it up just perfectly.
  • Exerion (LA47)
A regular Exerion game for Famicom.
  • Mermaid (JPN)
A regular Japanese version of The Little Mermaid for NES.
  • Battletoads
It's a proper North American version with copyrights. No UP+Start cheat, that was available in another pirate version.

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