21 July 2014

Pickups 8: Famicom Cartridges 8 (28.06.2014)

I got 4 more pirate Famicom carts! Here's the picture of all of them:

  • Super Lion King

It's a port of The Lion King from Sega Mega Drive to Famicom, made by SuperGame company. This is the original pirate port. There exists MMC3 mapper hack of this, where the SuperGame logo is a bit shorter than in the original version, and the "Bug Toss" bonus stage is missing. I already have the original version from my childhood, but I'll keep this one in my collection. Maybe I'll trade one of these copies later.

  • Karateka (LA-49)

It's just Karateka for Famicom, but on singlecart. The most interesting thing about it is the cartridge itself that I got:

It looks like a standard early pirate cart.
But besides that, there is also a strange sticker on the top of it:

It says "GOCAT Double Quality Control 100%". O_O
Please, let me know if you have ever seen such a sticker somewhere else, because this is the first time I see this sticker on any of my pirate carts for Famicom.

  • Wrecking Crew (LB30 TV GAME CARTRIDGE)
  • Star Force (LA32 TV GAME CARTRIDGE)

I think that these two are pretty self-explanatory, so there's no any real need to spend time talking about them.

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