21 July 2014

Pickups 7: Super Nintendo/Super Famicom Cartridges 2 / Famicom Cartridges 7 (24.06.2014)

I keep on making posts about my retrogaming pickups. This time I got 3 cartridges, 1 for SFC, and 2 for Famicom.

As you can see I got the following games:

  • Banana

The game that plays similar to Flappy, Boulder Dash, Dig Dug. You basically have to collect fruits, pick up your friend and finish the stage. Really and really fun puzzle game that I recommend checking out! Even though this game looks to be CIB, it's not. It didn't have a cartridge holder as well as the manual when I bought it, but I really wanted to play the game itself. I guess I'll buy this game CIB much later ;)
The cartridge itself is in really good condition as it can be seen from the photos below:

And here it is the box itself:

  • Star Luster

It's the space exploration simulator, which is done very well in my opinion. After all, simple space shooters have been one of my favourite game genres. This turns out to be more than just a space shooter, because it feels like you are controlling a real space ship in a space! Here you just pick up the zones, labeled as "E" at the bottom, fly there and destroy all the enemies. Depending of the difficulty you have selected at the beginning of the game, you'll have to defend the bases as well, I think. This game is not too common to find on pirate multicarts, let alone the singlecarts. Early Famicom games were distributed by Whirlwind Manu company, that also ported games from FDS to Famicom. It can be easily distinguished if it's Whirlwind Manu or not, who is likely to have made the bootleg single cart. Just look at the ID number, like "LB19" or "LG01" or "LB35". It's likely that Whirlwind Manu made this cartridge. But the problem is, there wasn't found any pictures of pirate singlecart of this game with such an ID number. Even the website of Cah4e3, who has a huge cartridge database as well as some ROM dumps, doesn't have the picture of pirate singlecart of Star Luster there.
Thankfully, this game can be found on multicarts like 150-in-1 Real Game, 245-in-1 Real Game or 400-in-1 Real Game, or even on official Famicom cartridge just easily.
My cartridge also has three end label stickers put all over the place: one at the front, second on the top, third one is at the back. Kind of weird looking, but still cool noneless. I suppose that these 3 end labels came along with game, and you'd buy CIB back in 1985, and it was just up to you what end label to put on the cartridge, to find it easily among the other cartridges that don't have end labels. I don't really understand why only a few Japanese companies decided to put end labels on their cartridges. I had to make custom ones myself for most of these carts, but that's not really a huge problem, it just adds more convinience when you try to find a needed game to play.

Super Famicom

  • Super Genjin 2

To be honest, I am not really familiar with this game, but the good person at arlenhill.proboards.com told me that this game is a Japanese-exclusive one, that was really cool to hear. I've played this game a little bit, and I liked it. It's basically one of the games of Bonk's Adventure series, but this one came out only in Japan. Also it doesn't have too much of Japanese text in it, so I can play through it without much of a problem. If it was some sort of RPG, I would be screwed. XD

These were my pickups for June 24, 2014.
More "pickups" posts are coming soon!

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