21 July 2014

Pickups 6: Super Nintendo/Super Famicom Cartridges 1 / Famicom Cartridges 6 (18.06.2014)

So, it's yet another post of pickups, since I've made that video of all of my Famicom cartridges pickups.
This time, besides picking up Famicom games, I also got some for North American Super Nintendo and Japanese Super Famicom.
Here there are all the games I got that date:

  • Booby Kids

Basically, you play as a kid, who can lay out "booby" traps for enemies. And you have to collect random items in the game, and get to the end of the level, as well as kill as many enemies as possible.
The controls aren't exactly great in it. You can only move vertically and horizontally, but not diagonally. This part is hard to explain, but you move something like by 16x16 pixels of the screen, and you can't finish your move, until the character gets to another 16x16 pixels of the screen where he can move... It's not a terrible issue, I think that I quickly got used to this weirdness.

The music in the game is pretty catchy though. You may recall the music from some Supervision Famicom multicarts, like 190-in-1, Contra 100-in-1 Function 16, Pegasus Contra 168-in-1, 650-in-1, etc..
Well, the pirates clearly stole the music from this game.

A few examples (the first multicart menu music):

Another one:

Yet another one:

Super Nintendo (US):

  • Aladdin
  • Lion King

Super Famicom:

  • Takahashi Meijin no Daibouken Jima (aka. Super Adventure Island)
  • Tetris 2 + Bombliss
  • Contra Spirits (aka. Contra III - The Alien Wars)
  • Akumajou Dracula (aka. Super Castlevania IV)
I think that Super Nintendo/Famicom games listed above are pretty self-explanatory.
See you later with more "Pickups" posts!

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