21 July 2014

If I was a pirate... #4: Fish War

What we have here today in "If I was a pirate..." posts series, is the "Fish War" game, that I found on 150-in-1 Real Game, 245-in-1 Real Game and 400-in-1 Real Game.

The picture for the cartridge is taken from some Fish Wars game for iOS phone system.
What basically this game is, it's a hack of one of the classic Nintendo black box games, called Balloon Fight, the game released in 1984, featuring two guys on balloons that have to destroy the balloons of their enemies in-game. The game is very fun and enjoyable, especially if you play it with your friend either on a real console or through netplay. I played this game once with my Hungarian friend, MrNorbert1994, through the netplay, recorded our playing and uploaded on YouTube, which can be watched on my main channel ;)

So, what can I say about this hack? This hack is really one of the weirdest ones I have ever seen in my life. I will give you the reasons why it's really a strange hack, and also pretty funny one.
Basically that's what was done in this hack to differ from original Balloon Fight:
1) Obviously the graphics. So, you are playing as a fish (or two fishes, if you play in 2-player mode), and have to kill other fishes. And, according to the scenery in the game, it takes place somewhere in the middle of the sea.
Some platforms seem to be invisible which is really confusing. Sometimes it's really hard to distinguish the platform from the background, which really raises the problem of being able to fall down by accident and die, as it's really hard to tell if it is the platform or not.
There are also some graphic glitches to be seen in bonus areas as well.
2) The music is completely different to the original version of the game. It doesn't sound too bad in my opinion, although many of you may disagree with me. It sounds way too fast on NTSC, but doesn't sound too bad on PAL Famiclone machine ;)
The music is really repetitive, so it might be somewhat annoying to listen to it for the very long time period.
Also, the music in this hack reminds me of some games from Mini Joystick Famiclone, the videos of which can be watched at the YouTube channel of PirateGamingHeavy.
The sound effects are not presented here. I guess the hackers decided to remove all of the original music/soundtracks entirely from this game, and replace it with their music.
3) In 150-in-1 and 245-in-1 versions, the "Balloon Trip" mode is removed from this hack, which may be a bad thing for someone who really loved this mode in the original game.
But 400-in-1 version, thankfully, has this mode, but it's called "Push Start" for god-knows-why reason.

The gameplay video of this hack can be watched here:

(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2014)

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