20 July 2014

If I was a pirate... #3: Dejectile (aka. Bomberman 2002)

Due to me being bored, I have decided to make another post on my blog.
It's yet another post of "If I was a pirate...", as I made quite a few custom labels just for fun.

This time is... Dejectil.

Seriously... What kind of name is that?? Dejectil?? And I didn't even make it up myself, in case you are wondering.
The label is taken from one of the Gameboy Advance games of Bomberman(?), but it doesn't say Dejectil anywhere. XD

It's one of the games, created by the chinese company, called NiceCode. Basically, what this company did, is that they produced some plug and play systems, called DreamGear, which contained some Famiclone games, that wre of the really poor quality, kind of like the ones in Action 52 for NES. If you know what Action 52 is, you can probably already expect what the games on DreamGear plug and play systems are, as I stated above.

Although, in my opinion, this game is one of the better ones, but still pretty poor.
Basically, Dejectil (makes me wanna say "Detective" instead) is a rip-off of Bomberman for NES. Just like in that game, you have to blow up the enemies with your bombs, pick up different powerups and find the door to get to the next level. Here, the enemies are twats that actively avoid being blown up, and drop bombs is not exactly easy as well. The music, on the other hand, is, surprisingly, not too bad. I say "surprisingly", because most of the games by NiceCode have a really atrocious music.

One other thing that is also worth pointing out about this game, is that it was released as Bomberman 2002 on standalone pirate carts. Basically, it was the same thing, except with proper sprites taken from original Bomberman games for NES. That's why you can kind of see why I didn't put "Dejectile" title on the label.

To learn more about the games of DreamGear plug and play systems, I'd suggest that you should watch this video by one of my favourite YouTube users, called PirateGamingHeavy:

Here it is the gameplay of mine about this game:

And here's the gameplay video of "Bomberman 2002" version of this game:

Enjoy! More posts will come soon here ;)
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