16 July 2014

If I was a pirate... #2: Goodhand

Welcome back to yet another post on this blog!
Today, it's another "If I was a pirate..." post, which will show what labels I would produce for pirate carts if I had a chance to do so.

With this post, I had a hard decision between Goodhand and Dejectil, but decided to go on to post about Goodhand, because it's one of the games I made the artwork for just for fun ;)
So, here it is.

Well, from the label the game suggests that we are playing at some guy on a motorbike, and the name "Goodhand" is somewhat strange. I mean, you probably have never heard of a Famicom game with a name of "Goodhand", have you? Let me tell you now. This is not a real game by any means! It's a really cheap hack made somewhere in 200X for multicarts like 101-in-1 Arcade Action 52, 64-in-1 Tevion Gun Fighter or Famicom Yarou 52-in-1. Also there is an alternative version of this "game" to be found on N-Joypad.

And, this is... City Connection! Yes, a hack of City Connection, where you are riding a bike, instead of a car! But there is one major problem with this hack. Remember that in original game you had to go over the road, and paint it to white, so you can finish the stage and move on to the next one?? Well, here, the road never changes color, when you try driving over it, which means that you are literally stuck on level 1, going anywhere you want, and just be confused of where you are actually supposed to go. You can finish the first stage with some luck, but it's easier to be said than done, because it's really irritating task!
And if you manage to finish the level, you can see that the picture of the anime-looking girl is just replaced with a garbage data, and the backgrounds on some levels are glitchy. I suppose that happens because the pirates took the pirated version of City Connection, which already had such problems with graphics and backgrounds, but managed to make the game even worse.

The graphics are amateurish, you can't see where you are supposed to go, the background of the first level is some random squared city, instead of USA with Statue of Liberty, which looked much better if you ask me.

Here's the gameplay video I made about this hack. ;)

I probably should have included some screenshots of the game, as I was talking about what the hack looks like, but whatever... Maybe I will do it next time. ;)

Thanks for reading! See you later!
(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2014)

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