15 July 2014

If I was a pirate... #1: Small Mario

Now I start something, that might be somewhat pointless and bullshitty, but at the same time pretty funny and creepy.
It's "If I was a pirate..." topic. If you have ever experienced with Famicom pirate carts, including singlecarts and multicarts, you might have seen a lot of random shite on the labels, that doesn't match up with the included game at all.
Let's take this cartridge for example:
As you can see, it advertises to be the forth part of "Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers" franchise for NES. But that's a blatant lie, as what you get inside, is just the first game with hacked out title screen. And if you look at the label, you can see Dale, taken from Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 artwork, as well as Winnie the Pooh and his Friends in the background, which makes absolutely no sence, right?
And let's see another cartridge for example before moving on to the main topic:
Yes, I have taken this picture from Famicom World website, but still. If you look at the artwork, you can see that we have Batman, which makes sence, and Super Man, which is rather weird, and doesn't really match up with the included game. And we also have the "1998" icon, along with "Super" word, which also make no sence. But, at least the actual name suggests that this game is a real Batman 1989 game by Sunsoft for NES.

So, yeah... That's what I basically will be posting here. I made the following artworks myself, which may be not exactly great, but they are made, just for entertaining purposes, so don't rate them too strictly!

Here it is:
This is "Small Mario" as it's said right on the cartridge, but also we can see the Mario's sprite from Mario Bros 1983 NES game. So, what can we except from such cartridge? Mario Bros. 1983? Super Mario Bros. without mushroom power-ups? Anything else??
Well, if you look back at the Famicom pirate multicarts that were produced in 1990s and were bundled with a bunch of Famiclones, that were something like 150-in-1, 1000-in-1, "over-9-million-games-in-1", etc., you would be rather dissappointed, when you actually start some game, that is named "Small Mario" in the menu, expecting a real Mario game, but getting some random game, that doesn't play like Mario game at all, but rather a game, that plays like Gambling.
And yes, that game, that plays like Gambling, is called Xiao Ma Li, which is usually called "Small Mario" in the multicart menus, which is rather disappointing.
I consider this game to be #1 most pointless and probably #1 worst video game ever made for Famicom, simply because:
1) It plays like Gambling, which I don't even know how to play.
2) The sound effects suck. They literally will make your ears bleed.
3) It's usually called "Small Mario" on the pirate carts, and most of you would probably expect it to be a real Mario game by Nintendo, but instead, you get a pretty boring Gambling game, which doesn't play like any other Mario games you have ever played, and playing it for too long might make you fall asleep, or just ruin you mood completely!

And I actually made a video about this game, which you can watch here:

Enjoy! I have more pirate cart labels, like that, which I will post sooner or later. ;)
And yes, I have some more "Famicom Game Manuals" that will come out later as well, when I feel like it.

(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2014)

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