16 July 2014

Famicom Game Manuals #9: Yoshi no Cookie

Here's another post of "Famicom Game Manuals". Sadly I don't have that many of them, so any contribution to extend this topic of "Famicom Game Manuals" on my blog will be appreciated.
If you have some manual scans in very good quality, feel free to send them to me @ somerussianmariodude@gmail.com
The photos of manuals may be accepted, but only with good lighting, good focus, and no shaking, and the most important thing is everything to be readable!

And, it's another game I have for Famicom CIB, with the actual game, manual and the original box.
It's Yoshi no Cookie, otherwise known as Yoshi's Cookie outside of Japan.

As you can see from the pictures, the box is in good condition, the cartridge itself is close to excellent condition. There might some very few stratches, but it definitely feels to be in the same condition, as if I bought it completely new, unused, or hardly used. Now let's get to the main topic of this post, that is the actual manual of the game! ;)
The pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

The front side.
Pages 0-1.
Pages 2-3.
Pages 4-5.
Pages 6-7.
Pages 8-9.
Pages 10-11.
Pages 12-13.
The back side.
(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2014)

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