13 July 2014

Famicom Game Manuals #7: Super Mario Bros. 3

Here's the latest manual I've scanned. More manuals of Famicom games will be much later.

Now we have the manual for FC version of Super Mario Bros. 3
It's not in the greatest condition, but hopefully it's readable.
The pictures can be enlarged, like usual, by clicking on them.

The Front Side.
Pages 0-1.
Pages 2-3.
Pages 4-5.
Pages 6-7.
Pages 8-9.
Pages 10-11.
Pages 12-13.
Pages 14-15.
Pages 16-17.
Pages 18-19.
Pages 20-21.
Pages 22-23.
Pages 24-25.
Pages 26-27.
Pages 28-29.
Pages 30-31.
Pages 32-33.
Pages 34-35.
Pages 36-37.
Pages 38-39.
Pages 40-41.
Pages 42-43.
The Back Side.
If you want to contribute with posting more Famicom game manuals on my blog, feel free to do so by messaging me @ somerussianmariodude@gmail.com
NOTE: I only accept scans of the manuals, the photos will be rejected.

(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2014)


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