13 July 2014

Famicom Game Manuals #5: Urban Champion

Yes, you guessed that. It's yet another "Famicom Game Manuals" post.
This time is Urban Champion, the manual of which is by far the shortest one I have. Only 9 pages!!
So this post is not going to be too long.
You can enlarge pictures if you wish by clicking on them. ;)

The Front Side.
Pages 0-1.
Pages 2-3.
Pages 4-5.
Pages 6-7.
Pages 8-9.
The Back Side.

Yeah, it wasn't terribly long post. I have more manuals to post on my blog, so look forward to them! ;)

If you want to contribute with posting more Famicom game manuals on my blog, feel free to do so by messaging me @ somerussianmariodude@gmail.com
NOTE: I only accept scans of the manuals, the photos will be rejected.

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