13 July 2014

Famicom Game Manuals #4: Dig Dug

With a day of not posting anything on this blog, today I have decided to post even more manual scans of Famicom games. Next up is Dig Dug, and I didn't mention that, but if you look at the Namco manuals and compare them to other manuals, you will see that the manual for Dig Dug is pretty huge.
Here's the picture. ;)
You can see that Dig Dug is much bigger than any other standard manual for Famicom game, and, of course, it's bigger than the actual boxes of the games from companies, like Nintendo, Hudson Soft, Konami, etc..

And yes... :D
If we compare Dig Dug manual with the game cartridge itself, you can see for real, that the manual is much and much bigger. Unfortunately, I don't have either Dig Dug or Mappy CIB, I only have the official cartridges of them and the manuals that came with them (which believe it or not, I had to buy separately at one point XD), but I assume that the actual boxes for Namcot/Namco games are bigger as well than the standard Famicom boxes.
So, I think I've said more than enough. Let's just enjoy the scans of the actual manual, shall we? ;)

As always, the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

The Front Side
Pages 0-1.
Pages 2-3.
Pages 4-5.
Pages 6-7.
Pages 8-9.

Pages 10-11.
Pages 12-13.
Pages 14-15.
Pages 16-17.
Pages 18-19.
Pages 20-21.
Pages 22-23.
Pages 24-25.
Pages 26-27.
Pages 28-29.
Pages 30-31.
Pages 32-33.
The Back Side.
That's it for Dig Dug manual!
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