8 April 2014

Pickups 3: Famicom Cartridges 3 & GB Cartridges 1 (20.03.2014)

You guessed that! Another post of my pickups. For Famicom and also one for Gameboy.
Let's do this!
Yes, I got some more official Famicom cartridges, all just only cartridges, no manuals or boxes.
Here is the list of the games I got:
City Connection
Dig Dug II
Jackie Chan
Jajamaru no Daibouken
Lunar Ball
Ninja Jajamaru Kun
Ninja Ryukenden 2
Obake no Q-tarou: WanWan Panic
Sanrio Carnival
Super Star Force
Tower of Druaga
Super Xevious

GB Smart Card USB 64M

So, that's pretty much it what I got. Now I'll quickly tell you about some of the more interesting ones.
Ninja Jajamaru Kun was called Ninja 2 on some SuperVision pirate Famicom multicarts.
Obake no Q-tarou: WanWan Panic is known as Chubby Cherub in the West, although it's exactly the same game, except the main character is different. We play as the ghost from mango and anime with the same name(?), who loved scaring people, but was afraid of dogs, so Bandai decided to put as many dogs as possible in a game. I picked this cart up mostly because of the cartridge design. The game is pretty mediocre, but not one of the worst games ever made for NES/Famicom in my opinion.
Sanrio Carnival is basically Columns clone with Sanrio characters as the block pieces in it. The previous owner seem to have put the stickers of these characters back in the day as the photo below would prove. I decided not to take them out of the cartridge case, as it looks funny.
Sqoon cartridge has an LED light, that IREM Corporation put in their first games for Famicom, like Zippy Race, 10-Yard Fight, Spelunker, etc.. Zippy Race kind of sucks imo, I don't know how to play 10-Yard Fight properly, Spelunker is ruined for me with the broken controls and instant deaths if falling 2 inches down. This one is probably the better ones from them.
Super Xevious is quite possibly the only cartridge I have that's very shiny and gold (I don't have Zelda for NES, as I don't collect NES carts)
As for GB Smart USB...

GB Smart Card USB 64M is basically a flashcartridge with mini-USB on it, so you can load the games right on the cartridgem after the hassle of installing all the necessary drivers to get the actual program to work for putting GB/GBC ROMs on it. Runs flawlessly.
Tested on GB Pocket, GB Color, GB Advance SP and Super Gameboy. Although on Super Gameboy, to get back to the menu, like on the portable Gameboys, you have to turn off and on the console, because if you reset, you only reset the game.
Also, you can put SGB games on it and play, but the cartridge won't recognise the SGB enchancements at first, so to enable them, you have to reset the console right after you picked the game from the menu, and they will work.

Thanks for reading! See ya!

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