16 March 2014

Reviews: He Jin Zhuang Bei 150-in-1 Real Game [Famicom]

Hello everyone!
And I am back with yet another review of another cartridge I have in my collection, which I also got with 400 in 1 Real Game multicart for Famicom.
It's 150-in-1 Real Game, or He Jin Zhuang Bei 150-in-1 Real Game as the ROM dump calls it.

This multicart, unlike most of the other ones, comes in a box:

Unfortunately, I can't read what's written on the box itself. Speaking of the size of the box, it's close to the size of European/US original Gameboy game box, although I forgot to make a photo of that to show the size comparison.
What else comes with this box?
The cartridge and a piece of paper, of course. Presumabely, the piece of paper is just a manual how to use this cartridge properly, and how to use the menu system, but not really.
That piece of paper is just a list of all the included games in Chinese. Whoever can read Chinese, that's good for you.
But let's get to the cartridge itself. If you compare it to the older bootleg carts or the official ones, you'll notice that it's much smaller in height.
"150in1 Real Game" vs. "Chip'n Dale bootleg cart"
But the weight is the same as on the other cart, otherwise the multicart wouldn't fit into any of the Famicom consoles I have.
Unfortunately, the biggest problem that everyone will have with this cartridge, is that it doesn't work on a real Nintendo hardware... by default...
If you have NES with a 60 to 72 pin converter or the real Famicom and insert this cartridge into your console, you'll be stuck with this:
The cartridge is inserted into my AV modded Famicom... But it doesn't work :(
The whole screen will be glitchy, and you won't be able to see what's written, also playing games this way would be sadistic and very difficult. There is a way to modify this cartridge to work, thanks to MWK1, who found the way to make this cartridge (and 245-in-1 Real Game) to work on any preferred hardware. It can be found via this link: http://www.famicomworld.com/forum/index.php?topic=8671.0
By default, this multicart works only on the NOaC Famiclones. So, let's try that on one of my Dendy Classic PAL Famiclone (Micro Genius IQ-501) from Steepler Ltd.

The cartridge works perfectly fine. If you have some new Famiclones working on glob-top technology or NOaC, there is a chance that this multicart will work on it, but not all the Famiclones are exactly great in terms of sound, picture and compatibility. My Dendy Classic Famiclone only has the problem playing Battletoads and Prince of Persia game. Battletoads crashes on level 2, and Prince of Persia freezes upon gameplay, but I have other Famiclones like GameStar that's shaped like Sega Mega Drive 2, or Dendy Junior Steepler Ltd, that looks almost like original Famicom, but without hardwired controllers and is all in grey and dark grey.
So, let's go to the main menu of the cartridge, and see if it really promises up 150 games.
The menu navigation is very simple, D-pad UP and Down are used to go to the game on the page, B and A scroll through pages.
So, the list promises up quite a lot of games to be included. There are some unusual game sets for multicarts as well. Those are Contra sets, Mario sets, some cool games like "Bubble Bobble 2", "Bucky O'Hare", "RAF World", "Galaxy 5000", "Zanac", "Final Mission", "Kage", "Life Force", etc..
So, it's pretty cool, isn't it? Here's the whole list of the games, included on this multicart:

  1. Contra (US version, 12 in 1 menu)
  2. Super Contra (JPN version, 20 in 1 menu, level select cheat)
  3. Contra Force
  4. Super Contra 7 [Pirate Original]
  5. Raf World (JPN version of Journey to Silius)
  6. Final Mission (JPN version of S.C.A.T./Action in New York)
  7. Kage (JPN version of Shadow of the Ninja/Blue Shadow)
  8. Probotector 2: Return of the Evil Forces (EUR version of Super Contra)
  9. Nakajima Satoru F-1 Hero (JPN version of Michael Andretti’s World Championship)
  10. Defenders of Dynatron City
  11. Werewolf: The Last Warrior (US version)
  12. Double Dragon III (JPN version, 6 bars of health, UP+A cheat to skip levels)
  13. Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six (US version, cut-down version which omits some of the graphics but retains the copyright)
  14. Bubble Bobble 2 (JPN version, 20 lives)
  15. Fighting Road
  16. The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends
  17. Fire 'n Ice (US version)
  18. Bad Dudes (US version)
  19. Mission: Impossible (US version)
  20. Pokemon Blue (Wacky Races hack)
  21. Guevara (JPN version of Guerilla War)
  22. Donald Land
  23. Super Mario Bros. (Level Select version)
  24. Fighting Road (Repeat. According to a list of the games, this is supposed to be Super Mario Bros. 2)
  25. Super Bros. 6 (Tiny Toon Adventures hack)
  26. Super Mario World 9 (Adventure Island II hack)
  27. Super Bros. 10 Kung Fu Mari (Jackie Chan's Kung Fu hack)
  28. Super Mario 14 (Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 3 hack)
  29. Mario 16 (Joe & Mac hack)
  30. Dr.Mario (Title screen says "Space Hospital")
  31. Mario Bros. (Title screen says "Mr.Mary")
  32. Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima (JPN version of Adventure Island, listed as Adventure Mario)
  33. Mario is Missing! (US version)
  34. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (US version)
  35. Super Popo's Adventure [Pirate Original]
  36. The Hulk (Jackie Chan's Kung Fu hack)
  37. Pokemon Silver (Nemo Pajama Hero hack)
  38. Juuouki (Hacked version which gives the player extra health)
  39. Galaxy 5000 (US version)
  40. Golgo 13: The Riddle of Icarus (JPN version of The Mafat Conspiracy)
  41. Snow Bros. (JPN version, 7 lives)
  42. Probotector 2: Return of the Evil Forces (Repeat)
  43. Harry Story (Panic Restaurant hack)
  44. The Simpsons: Bart Vs the Space Mutants
  45. Golden Axe IV (The Lord of King hack)
  46. Heavy Barrel (JPN version)
  47. Bucky O'Hare (JPN version, 1-hit only version)
  48. Ninja Crusaders (JPN version)
  49. Double Dribble
  50. Rolling Thunder (US version)
  51. Life Force (NTDEC pirate)
  52. The Little Mermaid (US version, 8 in 1 menu)
  53. Rainbow Islands (JPN version)
  54. Argos no Senshi (JPN version of Rygar)
  55. Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun (JPN version of Renegade)
  56. Side Pocket (US version)
  57. Friday the 13th
  58. Zanac (US version, 15 lives)
  59. Musashi no Ken: Tadaima Shugyou Chuu
  60. Bandai Golf: Challenge Pebble Beach (Crashes at a certain point)
  61. Castle Excellent (JPN version of Castlequest)
  62. Tiger-Heli (JPN version, glitchy graphics)
  63. Dropzone
  64. Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum
  65. Egypt
  66. Alpha Mission (US version)
  67. Milon's Secret Castle (US version)
  68. Monster Truck Rally
  69. Track & Field (US version, listed as "Hyper Olympic")
  70. Battletank
  71. Aladdin III (Magic Carpet 1001 hack) [Caltron 6-in-1]
  72. Dynamite Bowl
  73. Battleship
  74. Mickey Mousecapade (US version)
  75. Quarth
  76. John Elway's Quarterback
  77. Karate Champ
  78. King's Knight (JPN version)
  79. Minna no Taabou no Nakayoshi Daisakusen
  80. Nagagutsu o Haita Neko: Sekai Isshuu 80 Nichi Daibouken
  81. Baltron
  82. Mach Rider
  83. Onyanko Town
  84. Gyromite
  85. Geimos
  86. Hydlide Special (JPN version)
  87. Star Luster
  88. Exed Exes
  89. Pac-Land
  90. Thexder
  91. The Tower of Druaga
  92. Ninja Hattori-kun (0 lives)
  93. TwinBee (Glitchy graphics in level 4)
  94. Front Line
  95. Elevator Action
  96. Sqoon (US version)
  97. Slalom
  98. Fire Dragon [Pirate Original]
  99. Tetris [Tengen]
  100. 1942 (Some letters and numbers are missing)
  101. Lot Lot
  102. Fish War (Balloon Fight hack)
  103. Mighty Bomb Jack (JPN version)
  104. Spelunker (0 lives)
  105. Gyrodine
  106. Magmax
  107. B-Wings
  108. Tag Team Pro Wrestling
  109. Wrecking Crew
  110. Spartan X (JPN version of Kung Fu)
  111. Arkanoid
  112. Dig Dug II (JPN version)
  113. Astro Robo Sasa
  114. SonSon
  115. Onyanko Town (Repeat)
  116. Xevious
  117. Soccer
  118. Challenger
  119. Blob Buster (Homebrew Dig Dug II hack)
  120. Little Red Hood [Sachen]
  121. Cardcaptor Sakura (Homebrew The Tower of Druaga hack)
  122. Pac-Man
  123. Donkey Kong
  124. Dig Dug
  125. Bomberman (JPN version)
  126. Star Gate (JPN version of Defender II)
  127. Magic Jewelry [Pirate Original]
  128. Star Force (JPN version)
  129. Galaga
  130. Space Invaders
  131. Exerion
  132. Binary Land
  133. Lode Runner (JPN version)
  134. Ninja-kun: Majou no Bouken
  135. Antarctic Adventure
  136. Sky Destroyer
  137. Excitebike
  138. Brush Roller [Pirate Original]
  139. Ice Climber (JPN version)
  140. Choujikuu Yousai: Macross
  141. Donkey Kong Jr.
  142. Balloon Fight
  143. Super Arabian
  144. Millipede
  145. Gomoku Narabe
  146. Field Combat
  147. Donkey Kong 3
  148. Mappy
  149. Popeye
  150. Orchard Kavass [Pirate Original]
So, there are only 7 repeats on this cartridge, few of them being different versions of the same game, so in total you have 143 original games to play, which doesn't sound too bad.
Too bad that some games have only 0 lives, thanks to pirates editing some stuff in game's memory, which is pretty bad in my opinion, because in Spelunker, for example, there are problems with jumping, and you can easily die there, and having no extra lives makes it a bit pointless to have.

Unfortunately, due to not being able to re-organise the screenshots of the title screens of each game properly, I provide you with the .zip file that contains them: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uok8wctnrivrrhd/150in1gametitle.zip

So, how I would sum up this multicart? Well, like the last time, I'll post the pros and cons of this multicart.
  • Contains a lot of games
  • Very few repeats
  • Includes some rare games, like Bubble Bobble 2.
  • Includes a lot of cool games, like Zanac, RAF World, Rainbow Islands, Final Mission, Kage, etc..
  • Includes a lot of regornisable games for NES/Famicom library, like Super Mario Bros., Contra, Life Force, etc..
  • Includes some interesting pirate originals, or bootleg hacks, like Mario "sequels", Super PoPo's Adventure, Pokemon Blue&Silver, Fishwar, Blob Buster, Carcaptor Sakura, Orchard Kavass, etc..
  • Easy menu navigation (D-pad UP&Down - scroll through games on one page, B&A - scroll through pages)
  • Pretty compact cartridge and the box, they don't take a lot of space
  • The cartridge doesn't work on official Nintendo hardware, you have to use a NOaC or glob-topped Famiclones to play it, which aren't as great as the official NES, Famicom, or the very early Famiclones
  • It's a bit difficult to line up the cartridge properly in the console to play perfectly without glitches on the screen
  • It takes some time to get to the particular game in the menu
  • Some game versions that were put on a cartridge don't play quite as the same as the original versions: for example, some of them have no extra lives, like Ninja Hattori Kun or Spelunker, or the graphics are glitchy, like Tiger Heli
So, here you have it. Of course, not being able to play the cartridge on an official Nintendo hardware might be the biggest drawback of the multicart, but if you really want to be able to play it on NES with a converter or Famicom and can't stand playing games on clone systems at all, you would have to modify a cartridge itself, the link to the mod is provided above. But other than that, the cartridge, in my opinion, is worth picking up, along with that 400 in 1 multicart I wrote about earlier.
That will be it for now! See you later!
(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2014)

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